Mental Health Champions

As a club we feel strongly about providing a welcoming and supporting environment for runners of all abilities and backgrounds. England Athletics has launched the Mental Health Ambassadors scheme, in partnership with Mind, to encourage and support people to take part in running as a way of improving their mental health.

As part of this scheme, we have set up a small team of mental health ambassadors, who are passionate about promoting the emotional as well as physical benefits of being part of a running community.

Through the mental health ambassadors, we aim to raise awareness of mental health issues, encourage running for well-being, and support club members and new runners. This will include activities such as “run and talk” sessions, social events, volunteering and fundraising.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact one of the club’s mental health representatives

Leona Beaumont

[email protected]

John Etherson

[email protected]

Any personal information will be treated sensitively and confidentially. Please note, the role of the ambassadors is not to provide counselling or specialist advice. However, if you do need help, we can point you in the right direction for further support

A list of resources for mental health advice and support is available on the Mind website: click here to be redirected

Published on: 13 Sep 2017 @ 10:43