CROSS COUNTRY RACING! All levels welcome… it’s about grit

Do you want to run in an exciting race environment with a great team spirit while tuning your body into a steely fit machine by doing resistance training in technical sticky brown fluid?


Yes! then look no further, here’s what you need to know


  1. You must be affiliated in order to enter XC races (Information on affiliated membership)
  2. You must wear a CR vest for all races, the Ron Hill vest ONLY (You can order one here)
  3. There are no entries on the day, this is a new rule for 2017/2018 (Link to the MACL Website for all details)

    – You will be disqualified for not wearing your CR vest, it has happened! It must also be the Ronhill vest and not the Kukri t-shirts. Vests and shorts can be ordered HERE and all sizes are currently in stock.

    – We try to keep all information about races be it maps, start times, car share etc within the events for each race so that information is easier to find. All confirmed events have been added to the Facebook group already so take a look and start putting dates in your diaries.

    – Supporters are very welcome to be part of this group but you will be expected to turn up to events, cheer as loud as you can with cowbells, help carry gazebos, tables, flasks, refreshments across knee deep muddy fields (runners will be warming up/down!) untie shoe laces and remove duck tape when runners lose all feeling in fingers and supporters can warm up said fingers by making runners a brew! Supporters will also be responsible for snapping the best race face photos and sharing them with the rest of the group.

    Up for it? Cool, then join the coolest XC team and head for or email [email protected]