Northern 6 and 4 Stage Relays – Race Report

16th September 2017 – Manchester Etihad Stadium
Report by Ben McCormack

Relay Start

Yesterday we had teams in the Northern Road Relay Champs at Sportcity. This is a historic event that has always been a big focus for club runners. In the men’s 6 stage race only the top 25 qualify to the national relays champs, which are held every year at Sutton Park in October. The standard is really high to even get near the top 25 and Chorlton Runners have never managed to qualify before.

We have just received official word from the organisers that our men’s A team qualified (24th) and so for the very first time are going to be off to this prestigious national event.

So – Steven Curley, David Wyeth, Andy Haney, Gary Scott, Benjamin James Hobson and Paul Lancaster should all take a massive bow for their efforts yesterday. Great that all six of our A team guys are ‘home grown’ runners who one way or the other came along to us without much club running experience.

Gary Scott
Andy Haney

Behind them in the B team we had some great performances (notably Fraser Macdonald Oulds, Christopher Rayner and Jonathan Harris) but all across our four men’s teams everyone turned themselves inside out for the fun of it and – I think – had a great time doing it. Plus a full C and D team of 6 men each too – there’s too many of them for me to tag them all here but I know their egos aren’t that precious.

Stuart Halliday
Jonathon Harris

Click here for the men’s results

We also had two women’s teams in the 4 stage relays yesterday – Emma Tollefson, Emma Butler, Alison Wainwright and Stephanie Stevens in the A team and Charlotte Tollefson, Vicky Thompson, Alice Doc and Gemma Cleary in the B. Special mention here must go to Stephanie who posted a time that would not have disgraced the runners in the top teams. The women don’t have the indignity of having to qualify for the nationals – they’re there already and have run in previous years…

Ladies A Team
Ladies B Team

Click here for the ladies results

I know that our club is brilliant at bringing new runners into the sport, or even just into being a bit more active. Long may that continue. I’d just like everyone to know that sometimes, some of those runners graduate from ‘couch’ to being something pretty special

“We’re incredibly proud of each and everyone” – Ben, Val and Colin

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Published on: 17 Sep 2017 @ 18:05