Chorlton Runners are Affiliated for Road, Fell and X Country competition through England Athletics. We offer members the option of becoming affiliated runners by purchasing affiliated membership at the competitive rate of just £31.
See below for a list of frequently Asked Questions related to the affiliation process

What is affiliated membership?

Affiliation is the formal membership of an athlete to England Athletics via an affiliated club, in this case Chorlton Runners.

Do I need to be an affiliated member?

No, Chorlton Runners has a number of weekly events and runs that do not require affiliation, including our Sunday Morning Run, Wednesday Hill Reps and Friday Track Night

What benefits do I get with affiliation?

Being an affiliated member allows you to join our very popular Tuesday Evening Run, this is our most popular run of the week, and starts and ends in the pub, with chips and sandwiches thrown in! Membership also allows you to participate in other club events such as cross country. In addition you will receive discounts when signing up for most organised races, and there are many other benefits available through England Athletics (

Are Chorlton Runners currently accepting new affiliated members?

Affiliations for the 2019-2020 season are reviewed on a monthly basis at the Committee Meeting, next review will be April

What information do I need to provide?

If the committee accept your request you will be required to provide the below
• Confirmation you are not attached to any other running club (even if your membership has lapsed)
• Title and name
• Date of birth
• Address
• Telephone number

When does the affiliation year run from?

April to March

How do I apply for affiliation?

Email [email protected], and you will be added to the review list for the next committee meeting. As we rely on volunteers to help run the club we might not be able to respond immediately, however we will endeavour to respond to your email within 7 days, and let you know the next steps

How do I pay the membership fee?

Once accepted and your personal details are provided you will be issued a payment request through England Athletics, you will have 28 days to pay the fee

How much is affiliated membership?

£31 per year

How much do I pay if I join part way through the affiliation year?

The membership fee is a flat fee throughout the year so, £31

What if I am a member of another club?

You will have to submit a change of first claim form with England Athletics ( once this is completed we can proceed your CR affiliation

Will I be automatically affiliated next year?

Yes, at the start of the new affiliation year all current affiliated members will receive a payment request from England Athletics, there will be a time limit to make payment, renewals must be made by 1st May, failure to do so will result in a members becoming non-affiliated and will have to reapply via the monthly process

Can I wear CR kit if not affiliated?

Yes, all members are welcome to represent Chorlton Runners and wear the famous Black and Gold

Where can I buy CR kit?

Our famous Black and Gold vests and shorts can be purchased at any time via the website – HERE

We also have other kit including hoodies, tech t-shirts and jogging bottoms available via the club shop. The shop is managed by STC and you will de redirected to their website to place your order, click here to check out the shop

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