A Talk with explorer Mark Pollock

Tuesday 26th September, 8:15-9pm The Bowling Green Pub, Chorlton M21 9ES

Unbroken by blindness in 1998, adventure athlete Mark Pollock suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury in 2010 that left him paralysed. As Mark strives to walk again, his most complex journey is ahead of him – to find a cure for paralysis for him & the millions of paralysed people around the world.

The Run in the Dark plays a vital role in funding The Mark Pollock Trust’s mission to find & connect people around the world to fast-track a cure for paralysis

Mark’s talks specialise in resilience, adversity, collaboration & teamwork – all of which can be applied to Athletics Clubs & Running Groups!

Join us for this special, free talk & learn more about Mark, his work with the Trust & how he’s pushing scientific boundaries to find a cure for paralysis

More information on Mark can be found on his website HERE

 Published on: 15 Sep 2017 @ 13:54